The Way of the Godmother I

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My name is Mary Corleone. I am the granddaughter of Michael Corleone, the first-born daughter of Anthony Vito Corleone, Michael’s son. My aunt and my grandfather died before my birth, my father had kept out from the “Business” during the lifetime of my grandfather – and done so as well after grandpa died. The death of his sister has a lasting influence on him. Vincent Mancini, the son of my great-aunt, for I have always been more than a second cousin was. After admission to our family, he was allowed to wear our proud name: Don Vincenzo Corleone. Mr. Harrison, the last of my father’s lawyer and adviser, and he got me, since I was the 14th Age had reached my future role as “godmother” prepared – against the will of my Father. Don Vincenzo and Mr. Harrison led me to the history of our family. On my 15th Years I was a “Bodyguard” is assigned, which served as a “boy for all” and soon – he was just 18 years old and the son of our Chauffeurs – should also serve as my driver. There he lived with his father, Alfred Neri Jr., on our land who know Marco Neri (so is my protector) and I have been playing together in the sandbox. Shortly, after my 16th Birthday, the attacks of 9/11  passed a few days, I also learned to use my cunt as an effective “pressure” to enforce my wishes and to manipulate men. It is a more dangerous weapon than guns – and it tastes much better than a gun. My parents were on vacation, and Marco had to provide the job that I am at the weekend on time (and alone) home and come to bed when I was out with friends. It was – as already mentioned – shortly after my 16th Birthday and I wanted to invite my friends – all of whom (female only!) were already 16 years old or older – to a nice evening watching television with beer and snacks and do what young women do: talking about men and maybe watch a good (porn) movie. The only obstacle was just my “Teen Sitter”. I had to find a way to trick him. Although we often together jokes exaggerated and have more of a friendly relationship, he took the task, Don Vincenzo and my parents gave him, to look at me carefully. My 16th Birthday was a few days back. I lost my virginity just after my 14th birthday. I had no boyfriend.  With sex, I would blind both eyes of Marco. On Friday, the day when my party should happen, I came from school  – as every Friday – at around 14.00 clock. Marco´s father picked me up. I got out of the car and greeted Marco, working in the front of the garage. “Hello Marco!” I greeted him. “Hello mademoiselle Corleone,” said Marco. I now put my plan into action. “I need a young, strong man for some work in the house. Can you come over and help me in half an hour? “Marco looked at his father. “If Mrs. Corleone needs help, you have to help her. From the little radio that stood in front of the garage, came straight news about the terrorist attack a few days ago. On the – unfortunately now engraved into the collective memory – 11th of  September, several aircraft converted into flying bombs, guided into the twin towers of the WTC and the Pentagon. We heard all to the news anchor. I cleared my throat. Marco and his father apologized for their absent, because they were distracted from the radio. I expressed my full understanding. “Yes, signorina, I am then on the stroke of 14.45 clock with you.” It was so perfect. “No problem, signora!” confirms his father the appointment. “Perfect.” I said in the direction of Marcos. “Or we say better in 45 minutes.” – “ Because I still have to shave my pussy and take a little shower,” I thought the reason only – did not spoke it  not. “OK, signora,” said Marco. I quickly went into the house, I took off my clothes, went into the bathroom, shaved the pubic hair off around my luscious lips. Now I only had a small landing strip of pubic hair on my pubic mound. With a hair trimmer I made this nice and short. I took a shower. “Oh my God.” I thought when I looked at the clock and  the bell rang already. I was stark naked. I went to the dooropener, which – like the bathroom – was on the first floor. On the small screen, I saw Marco, standing at the door. I spoke to him through the intercom. “I’ve showered. I’ll be right down, please wait for me in the living room.” I opened the door, Marco entered. I wrapped my body with a towel, which reached only up to my thighs. One wrong move and it would fall down – not to mention the fact, that my pussy would be seen when I sit or I “accidentally” lean forward. I wondered briefly, whether I was going to be offensive and negated my fears. I really had not looked at the clock and therefore I had to meet Marco nearly naked. So I went – with a towel over her hair and otherwise wearing only a towel into the living room. Marco nearly lost his eyes, when I came into the living room. He muttered something about an apology and turned away his face. I had to laugh. “Hey, I’ve asked for you because I need your help. I did not looked at the clock and I´m “veiled”. You don´t need to turn your eyes away.“ He mumbled a” Thank you, godmother,“ and looked – standing before the sofa chair – in my face, “where can I help now, signora,” he said to bridge the – probably unpleasant for him – situation. I came straight to the point now: “. OK, follow me” I went from the living room, he ran behind me. We walked up the stairs. I knew of course that he now could see my pussy from behind – and my sexy butt. We went into my bedroom. “What I have to do now, signora?” Marco asked, looking around in my room. I sat on the bed and spoke quietly to him: “You have to follow my wishes and take care of me. If I would have a party tonight with several friends, would you notify my parents or Don Vincenzo?“ He immediately replied: ”Yes, signora. But I dont know, what does this have to do now with the work I’ve to do here for.” I smiled: “That is to say: I like you: No matter what I do now, you do not look away,” he replied, not knowing what I had in mind. I got rid of the towel, lay back and spread my legs.” He fascinated look first at my pussy, then he looked away. What I had expected. “Look at me: So, what you should? You should now put your cock in my pussy – in preparation for tonight – and move your dick in and out in my cunt! Tonight few friends of mine, in which you tonight also allowed to sink your cock, will visit me. I expect that you don’t tell anybody about the events that happend in this house, during your boss, Don Vincenzo, or my parents or Mr. Anderson were absent.“ As I said this I spread my labia and rubbed lightly on my clitoris. I looked at him, he stared at my pussy. “Hello,” I asked softly, “is that okay?” He thought for a moment. . Yes, godmother, that’s fine, “I held out my hand, which he – kissed – as a sign of respect. For safety, I asked again: “So: No word on what happened here this evening when my friends there!” He gave me his word of honor. “OK. Then pull you out completely and go shower, you smell a bit of sweat from work,” I pointed to the bathroom door. Towels are next to the bathtub. “I stroke my pussy a little now to keep my lust level: If you’re clean, you may come in and you have to lick and fuck me. But not in the butt or something, otherwise I would report to Don Vincenzo something negative about yourself” He undressed, his cock was already standing upright – tall and thick was his penis. He went into the bathroom and I could hear as he took a shower. He had not closed the door to the bathroom, but I could not see from my current position, what happened in the bathroom. So I turned and looked him in the shower. Behind the frosted glass I could only see his outline, but obviously he made his penis clean and tidy. The water was shut off, I heard the shower cabin was opened and he was drying his strong body. I had now brought my little toy (hidden under the pillow before) to its destination. My vibrator, which I got as a gift from a friend, stuck deep in my young pussy. Marco came into the room, swinging a towel around his waist, his huge stand which could hardly conceal. “Remove the towel.” I spoke with a tone that did not allow resistance. He let the towel fall to the ground and I saw his huge cock. The foreskin was pulled back and his penis was a little moist because his Cowper’s glands were already active, and departed the precursor of the tail milk from his vas deferens. I removed the vibrator from my cunt, my pussy made thereby a smacking noise. “You may now lick the cunt of your godmother.” I said to Marco, laid the vibrator that was blessed by my secretions, on my bedside table. Marco came to the bed and knelt down before that. He came forward, his head between the spreaded legs of his godmother. He began to lick my cunt. Very carefully. He kissed the  inside of my thighs too. Steadily he licked my young pussy, led among them is his middle finger. His fingertip was up and he did so grinding movements. If there really is such thing like a G-spot (I have an Internet access on my PC since 1998 and I know about all aspects of sexuality), he found it. He licked me violently and I squirted – for him just as surprising as it is for me. He was now on the bed, lay down on top of me and introduced his stiff cock, with my help, into my vagina. He fucked me in the missionary position, I groaned and rubbed it with one hand on my clitoris. I came for the second time – in a relatively short time after my first orgasm. “Cum on! please squirt on the cunt and on the stomach of your godmother.“ I said to him. He pulled his dick from my cunt and jerked it. In three waves, he discharged his semen. His cum landed on the area around my belly button and on my pussy.  Luckily I took the pill! I ordered him to lick my pussy and to clean, the area around my cunt, with his tongue, which he did thoroughly. I repeated again the conditions of the “Treaty”: “So, you’re here tonight at 21:15 clock and then you may fuck all my friends, in the ass, if they want, too. However, I would not be fucked in the butt for the first time. But you don’t tell anybody about tonight!“ Marco muttered, during he dressed after my pussy was licked properly, that he and his father would be buried at the bottom of any lake when its leaders would knew from what happened here – and he has to by silent because of self-protection. Not quite true. My family and the Neri family are friends since the active period of my grandfather. I was satisfied and was able to make preparations for the evening. Marco dressed ready, thanked for the beautiful afternoon and the confidence that I have in his craft (in this formulation I had to smile) and say goodbye with the words “Till tonight then,” I was going to plan the evening, so that it´s a really dirty event for my friends and myself!

I knew that my four friends, who would come today evening, had all their “first time” behind them. I also knew that Aurora, Elena and Claudia – all 16th years old (like me) or above – were – interested in boys and experiments. Sara was a year older than us and lived now for one year in the States. Her father is American, her mother Finn – and in Finland she has lived until the end of her 15th Year of life. Her father was called back from the American parent company, for who he worked in Finland, to the group headquarters – he came with his family in the States. Sarah was, as far as I could tell, just as dirty and corrupt as I am. I caught her once – when I walked through the garden to her room to surprise her with my visit – masturbating. I found her lying on her bed in front, on the video that she watched, three well-equipped black men fucked an older woman. Naked, and with a vibrator in the vagina, Sara looked at the scene from the bed and drove himself to orgasm by hand. I watched and helped her a little. I was interested in her toys and she gave me one of her vibrators. I would Sara – who also had really big breasts – initiate into my plan and ask her to bring some nice X-rated films tonight. So I grabbed the phone and had Sara immediately on the line. I told her about the sex I had with Marco and described everything in detail. She wanted to know everything possible and I told her about the size of his tail and his trained tongue. I let the cat out of the bag: “I invited Marco for tonight. I’m intending to hold a small orgy. Can you bring some toys and some nice movies?” Sara was thrilled and agreed. “There’s one more thing: I told Marco that he can fuck tonight one of us in the ass.” Do you have an idea, who from the girls could allow anal sex?” Sara was now frantically: “Yes, I do. OK, now I’ll get the movies and a couple of dildos and a gel for me to make my asshole slippery. I sometimes do now chic and cool. I’m at your home at 19:00 clock.” Surprised and pleased by her enthusiasm, I was speechless when she abruptly ended the call. I spent the afternoon with cleanup. Everything that could get damaged, I brought out of the living room. The sofas and armchairs I covered with cloth, the carpet I brought in the basement. After I had showered and dressed me (rock, bra, blouse, comfortable shoes), I went to the supermarket around the corner and bought snacks and drinks afterwards. From the – well equipped – bar my father, which is in the party room of the guesthouse, I borrowed a few bottles of alcoholic beverages: champagne, bourbon, Martini and other stuff. I had completed most of the preparations and was more than the schedule. I took the credit card is available to me and went to the house of Marco and his father. Both were outside the house and watched on a portable TV the news. I said that I had to get downtown a few things and needed a driver. “OK, I’ll go to the wagon.” Marcos said his father. “I’m coming too.”  said Marco. “Great, I could use help with the bear.” The sedan drove up, Marco sat front next to his father, I sat in the back. Marcos’s father spoke to me through the intercom system – the front of the sedan was shielded by a dividing wall from the rear of the car – to: “Signora, it’s okay if I stay here and Marco goes, I can then continue with the work outside the house?” I granted his wish and adopted him. Marco got in the driver’s seat and we drove off. I lifted my skirt, knowing that Marco – who just fucked him – could see my cunt. “Where we go, my godmother?” His way of talking to me made me horny. “3247 Industrial Road,” I said. He smiled when we arrived at the destination and he pakrked the car in front of the “Deja Vu Love Boutique”. “Come with me,” I said to my driver, when he opened my car door. We entered the store and an employee to us, we were asked for our ID cards. “I’ve forgotten my ID.” I said quietly. “Unsurprisingly, this document” I gave the employee my American Express Platinum Card.  My proud name – Mary Corleone – was printed on the card. The clerk gulped and said that I am welcome to the shop -  and every wish will be fulfilled. “Well, good to know that my proud name is being accepted here,” I said to the, visible frightened, woman, who was perhaps mid-20s: “I need some toys – vibrators for the pussy, vibrators for the ass, all in 5 copies, like from different manufacturers – and to put something nice for me, preferably in black, open crotch, or at least to the pussy can be exposed quickly.

Will be continued!

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